Is it my phone problem?

I was final approaching LFPG 8R .

BUT the RWY Graphic was crashed like this.
What’s the matter?

Hi, go to settings → General and at the bottom of the list you should see “Clear scenery cache”. Clear it and see if that works


The scenery didn’t load. So as stated above by @BAK_UOV go to settings and clear cache scenery. This should do the trick.

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I could clearly see the Runway at 10 miles.
But at 5 miles, I can’t find the Runway like that

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That is quite interesting, maybe it didn’t render in time? I am not to sure, but the screenshot you shared is a simple fix. May I ask, did you clear scenery cache? And did it work?

And after I Spawned at LFPG, the scenery was normal again

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Okay, well, if it happens again, try to clear the scenery again, and if that doesn’t work, you could try replicating where it happens and see if you get the same result. All I can think of is, the scenery didn’t load.

Landed abnormally, screenshotted that, app was crashed

I had flyed 15h 30m from WSSS…

And no replays…

Wait? Did the app crash after you landed? Or did it crash when you left the app to upload the image?

Alright, may I ask a series of questions?

I use the Air 3, I screenshotted it my phone, and then app was crashed

If you do this every week, there will be no problem😉

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I do IF everyday

🤯 Huh?! What do you have a problem with the landing?

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I landed very very very abnormally.

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Okay, if you’re anxious, you can do it whenever you want.

Try clearing your scenery every 3-4 days. anyways, did you open infinite flight on your phone?

I can’t remember the LFPG Tower at that time…

I m out of home now.

My pad need to rest XD

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Ohh I see. It just sounds not a good for a sure very hard landing, too it this simulator game.