Is it me ? (Very strange approach)

Then arrives at the beginning of the final and seeing that I am close enough I ask to change frequency what she refuses me and told me to watch tutorials on the forum …

So I told myself that these me and I should be patient, but after she make me go into the end of the 08R that she had put me up for the 08L (enfainted she had told me basic for the 08R), and so she makes me re-put in the final of the 08L and then she tells me to contact the tower

So after I find myself in the middle of the final, I announce myself to the tower to announce my landing and logical since I do not contact the toir when I was in the end she told me to go see tutorial Supernumerary forum …

  • And after all, I’d just like to know if it’s my fault and I’ve made a mistake or that of the approach? Attention I know that these Extremely hard to manage many planes at once and I do not criticize the controller who manages me.
    Thank you very much, good evening !

Wait for the controller to instruct you to change frequency

  1. Don’t request frequency change, approach will give it to you once established on the ILS
  2. Reprt indobobd on the ILS when cleared for ILS approach, not inbound for landing, requesting runway xx
    Here’s a link if you want to read more:

Check Help Pages Tutorials

Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instructions…. If you are reading this post, because the IFATC referred you to #tutorials great! I do hope you find your answer. Pilots flying in Expert server, are expected to know how to behave and read and apply the tutorials. If an IFATC sees a pilot making an error, which we don’t expect to see on Expert, she or he will refer the pilot to help pages. And we then hope this pilot actually goes away and does exactly this. This post…

![|20x20](upload://xiKnn1FeF1QTxSoWm0r9qZ6jFda.jpeg Help Pages](Check Help Pages)

There are many ways to report inbound. We see many pilots who don’t know the correct way.
If you report inbound on the ILS, or ‘airport in sight’, while still on 9000 feet and 20 NM away from the airport, you will be referred to help pages.


Ok,ok thanks guys!

You opened a little topic to see what you perhaps did wrong and learn.
Respect! 😊


You have a few things going on here. Yes it is pilot error on your part. So I’ll break down each one for you.

Your ILS approach

  • Regardless if you request an ILS approach or are told that’s the approach you are receiving. The controller isn’t going to hand you off to tower until cleared for the approach and established on the localizer.

The reasoning for this is that you need to be cleared to your intercept altitude to capture the glide slope as well as be on a 30° course to intercept the localizer. We wait until you are established on the localizer because if you miss it we have to vector you around for another try.

Requesting frequency change before each of these are completed is unnecessary. You made reference to the end of the Red cone several times so let’s clarify this. Those are only there as a visual aid it has 0 meaning to when and where you can intercept or be handed off. Best advise is to forget its even on the map.

Here is a tutorial you should go through for more information about an ILS approach.

Tower communication

  • Next we have your tower communication where you called inbound and they again told you to CHP. This was done for calling inbound as if you were visual instead of calling inbound on the ILS or simply reporting final. Either is acceptable in this situation.

The check help pages command isn’t given to demonize anyone but have the reach out for further assistance as you have. To that I will say well done for wanting to learn and better yourself.

Hopefully that helped any other questions always feel free to ask. ✌️