Is it me or this event is lacking people at the hub airports?

Is it me or this event is lacking people at the hub airports?

Amsterdam has almost 100 arrivals, and Newark, Boston and Paris each have more than 50, seems fine to me

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idk, maybe everyone is at work and in school since the most countries are entering life after lockdown

As today’s hubs are spread out and they’re all popular places to fly, there’s going to be less traffic per hub than other weeks.

Hubs like Toronto have very few flights and no ATC coverage

I find that the busiest time on a FNF is at about 6 PM Eastern. It gets really busy and really fun. Hope this helps!

It’s normal for is to rise and fall during the day. But attendance is spread out which is good

Its probably because the airports are really big so when on the ground 20 planes in paris is going to feel different than 20 planes in DCA

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Wow! Winds are really bad over here in Amsterdam in the Sea

If you ask me it doesn’t look dead or lack people, mainly stars and and the new procedures are why the arrivals board is low, as not everyone makes their destination airport a way point so it doesn’t show up on the arrivals board:)

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Oh oh can you look for meeeeee.

it’s an app called live flight, if you want to look for your aircraft or for someone else simply download it:)

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