Is it me or the colour?

The colour is more alive . Because of new update?
I’m pretty it wasn’t like this before?🤔


Well, IF is the MSFS of the mobile world so…

Anyways hmmm… usually there’s supposed to be a lot more green tint in IF, this time when checked out your pic I didn’t have to tone the green down so much. Maybe it’s just because of the “overhead” camera view where IF have this atmospheric bias? That alone is looking realistic tho, love it!

Lumetri Scope

(original on the right)


Were you using low or medium render quality before?
The render quality is locked on high right now so that could be impacting the effect of sunlight on the aircraft.

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Yeah everything is on high 60fps

Hmm in simple words?

In simple words: That looking good I thought that was a real life pic! (and it’s more blue-ish rather than green-ish as usual)

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Oh 🤣 Thank you for the info

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There were quite a few graphics changes (including a bunch of optimizations) in this update - this isn’t my area of expertise but I’d say it’s definitely possible that it was the update

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