Is it just me or is LiveFlight not able to detect LTFM? (Istanbul)

I noticed LiveFlight is unable to show the airport for all the flights heading to Istanbul. Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?


I have the issue too

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Istanbul seems to have a history with bugs like this. It might be occurring with OTHH too? I’m sure if that is the case too the bug can be tracked down and fixed when possible.

For departures it says it departs from LTBA (the old Atturk airport) instead of ltfm

yea same for me

Yeah I have the same issue.

Also, this would be more suitable in #thirdparty :)

Whenever I’m flying to and from LTFM, LiveFlight either displays LTBA or doesn’t display anything at all

I can imagine that LiveFlight might be using an older navigation database and hasn’t been updated. Also LTFM is a new airport and hasn’t been added yet.

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