Is it just me or is down? is down for me, or it keeps crashing (infinite page reload, or 500 errors)…
Is there a chance to have mirrors of this great website?

I think it’s server-wide. It’s loading for me but just very very slowly.

Loaded for me just fine

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Works fine for me,

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Thanks @RedWolf @AIDAN101 @Orby !
I’ve tested the site, and yes, you’re right; the site seems back online for me as well.

down as of now for me, could you please kick the servers @Chris_S ?

same was wondering what was going on

few hours on and it does work for me

Works fine for me. Tested it on multiple networks and a VPN and it all runs as usual.

as this is in fact a usual occurrence with this vital IF companion site (for me at least), chiming in again, as the site is “500 I.S.E.” at the moment @Chris_S


I think its a server issue.

it is, i believe i read on here, somewhere, that as Chris doesnt garner an income from an essentially free website, he’s not able to migrate the site to something more reliable