Is it in your opinion worth getting from grade 3 to grade 4?

Hello, so I have all the requirements exceeded for grade 4 except landings and wanted to ask, do you guys think it’s worth it to get to grade 4? I’m currently almost 200 landings away. Thanks.

Honestly, I’ve learned after a long time flying that grade means nothing. I’ve seen professional grade 3’s and unprofessional grade 5’s. I’d say no, the green tag is not worth 200 landings!


Definitely! It increases your experience, and also looks better when applying for VAs (some only accept Grade 4+). Keep getting those landings! A good thing to do is use a small prop plane to do some tight pattern work with touch and goes. Increases your landings and gives you tons of XP!


In my opinion there is no benefit in having Grade 4. I only hold it when I fly regularly (when I have time) and fly daily, but it brings no benefits as far as I am aware over Grade 3.

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Personally, I don’t care. As long as I am grade 3 and have access to expert server (which I do) I am good.


I’m just the same… its worth it in the long run…just take your time…I should be Grade 4

During my period when I was flying for grade 4 I gained a lot of flight experience with several aircraft. From small to big. I was only flying big birds but when i got my motivation to set a goal for grade 4 and even grade 5 I learned a lot about GA aircraft. I realised that it’s really fun to fly them. When doing patterns at an active airport I also improved my ATC skills from a experienced controller on expert.

You also get a remarkable callsign :)

Depends a lot on what you are aiming for, me personally I am aiming for landings and XP and I also like to see my name in a different color.

It doesn’t mean anything. Some people put great weight to it and see it as an achievement. In the ATC tower though it means nothing, grade 5 can not know procedures and grade 3 can be great. Just do your thang


For me I’d call it a nice goal to achieve. Having a goal to accomplish is always great and takes up some time that you may not have anything else to do to accomplish the goal of reaching the next grade. You also get a nice green callsign/display. 😝

Grade means nothing. Just play at your own pace. If you want to grind 200 landings, then go for it. If you don’t want to waste hours of patterns, then don’t. I personally like having the green username. Just play as how you want to.

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hmmm…for me getting G3 then now G4 worth in sense of having access to Expert Server, enjoy seeing the serious,professionalism ambiance and disciplined atc-pilots communication. I enjoy also flying on Training, Casual Server eventhough a bit chaotic, but the important thing is maintaining professionalism and continue learning while flying at any server :)

In my opinion (don’t judge my opinion please) IFATC’s respect me a little more as G4, when I got 1 vio it took me down to G3, IFATC were always like check forums for using ATC instructions.
Also If you get 1 violation you get down to Grade 3 not 2

I’d say yes, it’s worth it for showing off your experience in IF.

All you get at Grade 4 compared to Grade 3 is a tag that is in a different color

I fly whenever i want to fly. If I receive Grade 4, that’s cool. If not, that’s fine

In the end, it’s not really worth it


I would not focus on your grade, but rather just improving your flying skills on the app and having fun. In the end, grade 3-5 all grant you access to expert server, so which one you are does not matter.

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Depends if you enjoy doing touch and goes or landing I listen to music and switch over to the causal server. KEDW the place to go @EricBlogGamer

If you’re active enough, you’re probably going to hit grade 4 eventually no matter what you do, so I’d say it’s not something you should prioritize.


If you make mistake at grade 2 it’s understandable but if you make mistakes above grade 4 it’s quite embarrassing! so try to learn more than the collecting xp and grades.

Unless you derive your self-worth from the color of the tag above your plane, it means nothing.

As a controller, I certainly don’t even bother looking at grades. I’ve had grade 3s be absolutely perfect and guys who have 1.5 million XP still not know remaining in pattern means.

As long as you can access Expert, the rest is gravy.


I have nearly 1,000,000 xp and 1500 flight hours,

I’ve been grade 3 as long as I remember
Grade 4 is not worth the stress :)