Is it gone ?

I had a 1 month subscription,i bought Live + so is the 1 month gone ? It didnt seem to add it up to the 12 months,it only says same day and date but next year.

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If your one month subscription has finished then it won’t add on to the 12 month. Otherwise I am sure they just add on to the 12 months that extra month you have.

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But if it should be added then why didnt add one month ?

when did you buy the one month

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Theres about 18-20 days left

Alright, when did you get Live + and when does it claim to expire

It claims that expires the same day i bought it but next year.

Are you sure that you still had the days left on the one month subscription

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Yes,i am…

A month of regular live will not add on to your live+ because live+ includes all aircraft and regions.

So i wasted 5$…

It’s worth it.

I guess you’re supporting the developers

I mean…yeah but if i knowed that it would’ve been a waste i wouldn’t.

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You’ll live, you would have wasted that $5 on a drink and snack in a gas station (or at least I would have) so your not really missing anything.


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