Is it Glitch?

I was on my way from EGLL to KLAX. All the time I do Clear Cache every flight. But apparently, at 8nm, I could see runway 24R and lights, and about 4 miles away, the runway lights disappeared and only the runway I was trying to land broke. This is my problem?

IPad Storage

Britannia 226A flashbacks… never seen this before.

Cannot really see, but your runway isn’t modeled in? If so, seems like a scenery glitch where you would need to restart your device and clear cache.

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I could see it clearly at 8nm 😷

And 25s Are Clearly and 24s Down When I was 24R Final

Not sure why is went away after seeing it before but it still seems like a scenery problem.

I’m sure it loaded weird. Maybe your wifi cut during part of it? Something happened that didn’t allow it to all load as you got closer.

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Well, WIFI Was Full…

My Pad was very Fine…

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