Is it easy?

You should practice in solo first. Also you should read the tutorials on the forum! Hope this helps out ;)

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Was it easy for you to learn though and to get started or is it a difficult game like for say X-Plane 11 without auto pilot. :P

There were a few bumps starting off, I found it easy once I got the hang of it. Not sure about how it compares to X-Plane though.

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I would say Infinite Flight is easier than some PC flight sims (especially in solo) as it doesn’t have as many systems. Infinite Flight should be a great place to start if you want to experience realistic flight simulation.


The most accurate answer is probably “buy the base game, play it for a bit and see how you find it.” If you like it, go from there!


If I’m being honest, this sim really changed my life.
It gave me not only a new output on aviation, a large plethora of knowlege, but also life skills including maturing and learning to move past mistakes and accept what I did wrong and move on.
I’ve seen my self grow from My first embarrassing topic to now, a regular who strives to help when and where I can.
I’ve also improved from commenting “what is base” on a YouTube atc video to being an IFATC specialist now!

Comparing IF to my short real world aviation flying experiences, I can say it’s spot on.
The pattern entries, the sequences, the ATIS, and the clearances all match exactly to the infinite flight interface and I feel more ready than ever to start an aviation career. The devs have made this sim into an educational thing and we didn’t even know it!

Also the immense life skills I’ve developed from my work with multiple VAs/VOs out there.
I’ve learned management and communication with the amazing crew over at FedEx express virtual in my time as staff still going on now.
I’ve learned communication with the IFATC folks when controlling and have taken constructive criticism to help me grow.
I’ve worked as a pilot with multiple VAs, working with them and learning hard work pays with the promotions I’ve received in return for the flight hours.

I’d recommend this sim to anyone with the wildest thought of loving aviation, trust me, it’s worth it.
After all, this is more than a simulator!


Wow, this is an amazing post, and it’s amazing that you’re learning a lot from IF and that I may be able to as well.

This is probably the reason I will be getting IF because of the community, not just the flight sim itself!

Thank you so very much for this inspiring post.


I suggest you first buy the app and practice on the “Locked in” zones to get a good feel for the game (Don’t buy the subscription yet). To find info on more advanced aspects of the game, you can research them here or on YouTube (as you said) You only need minimal information to get around at first. Once you start really getting into the game, then you probably will feel inclined (as I did) to find ways to make Infinite flight more realistic and easier in some cases. For instance I didn’t touch the trim with a 10 foot pole when I started out, but then with a couple YouTube videos and tutorials on the IF community, I now see how Benificial trim is. Once you know how to takeoff,cruise,and land well,you can consider buying a subscription. I suggest you go with the 1 month at first just to try it out. That is plenty of time to be able to get to grade 3 and try out the expert servers to see where the real pro’s are :).

I hope you read this and consider doing any of the things I said. I believe it is worth it to download the game and just try it out on the default mode!!!


I felt my way around on Solo for about a year before I moved any futher. But now we have information for almost everything that you can refer to if you need.


If only some other live users had spent that amount of time on solo for that long lol


Its its very easy but i’d start with non Global for a bit and when you feel ready Go ahead and buy pro!

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Hey also, since we’re here if you don’t mind me asking is the a list of all liveries and all the planes on the site or soemthing somewhere that I could look at?

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This website has all of the planes (excluding the crj-1000) and has a livery database for most of the planes.

At first it might be a challenge but in time you will get the hang of it.

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You know…I think it’s so cool, you’re here on this Forum, even before purchasing the app. This is the best start you can have, because you actually get a chance to learn before you fly.

I totally subscribe to @Sammy_Droubi’s post. I’ve been with IF for nearly 4 years, after working with several other mobile flight sims. IF has Global flight, many aircrafts and liveries, excellent aircraft flying characteristics and…a true multi-player live environment. Yes, you pay for it. But you get so much value for your money.

I worked with IF on an iPad mini, which I found a perfect size. For me (I’m old!) a phone is too small. I now use an iPad Pro, which works beautifully.

IF is not just a flight sim. It’s a world on its own.

You’ll love it.


Do you believe if I have an iPhone X that will make it better because it’s bigger? Or do you believe an iPad would be much better?

I played for about a year on the iPhone 6 before switching to a 9.7’ iPad. I had no problems with the phone flying or controlling, and still fly on it occasionally. If you’ve never used an iPad for Infinite Flight, you won’t even know you’re missing anything.

That said, having switched to an iPad, the bigger display is great. Everything is bigger and a little less cluttered. It all depends what you’re used to.

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First of all welcome to the Infinite Flight Community! I was once in your shoes starting off infinite flight flying the cessna 206 and attempting to land it in solo, once I thought I was good enough I bought Live. From then on I watched videos about things I was missing such as planning a FPL, learning and overcoming the use of Autopilot. Hope this helped.

KLM 206

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There are many views on this.
My take: yes, bigger screen is better, especially for controlling.
But many work very happily with (sometimes rather small-screen) phones.

People have an interesting ability to get used to what they have 😊

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Well, start easy. I prefer you start on solo and trains for couple days. I recommend to watch tutrioal, go to “Infinite Flight” youtube channel. It will help you to learn how to control and know these control. It will start easy as the more you practice. Farewell, good luck! Peace out.

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