Is it difficult to become IFATC?

Is it hard to become an IFATC? I know some basic ATC, and will usually be as ATC when I want more experience. Is it hard to become ATC?

P.S When I’m as ATC, I play as realistic as possible.

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If you keep practicing, it shouldn’t be difficult for you. I practiced every one or two days for about three weeks, and I got in on the first try. You can do it! :)


Yes it is ,because the recruiting team ask a lot of quality but if you love and really want to join is not! Look every single tutorial,contact a recruiter and work on it,nothing is impossible…unless controlling in FNF!😜


If you watch the videos that Tyler provided on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel, then controlling shouldn’t be difficult. You should also practice often. Doing ATC can be stressful at times, though.


I watched a lot of Videos and practiced some weeks before I attended my written & practical test. It’s not easy but it isn’t that hard.

I am working on it… if I could give tips…

  • search the forum for tutorials, especially on sequencing, there are a couple of great ones.
  • make sure you watch the videos on IFATC channels - I know, you probably already watched them - watch again, pay attention to the details.
  • practice - but not in SoCal or large airports. Your IFATC test is on a parallel runway airport, find one that is not busy, post here in the forum and - most importantly - be open for feedback

With that…should be easy :).


I’m already on that, I’m open at EHAM


I’ll come do some patterns for you. :)

I can’t attend now, but would be happy to come in a future opportunity.

No it’s not difficult if you know what you’re doing.

If you are struggling get a scout or trainer. I had 3 and they helped me get to where I am now.

No, just be professional and do well on the test. Make sure you listen to their critique if you don’t pass the first test. Listen and use constructive criticism to help you become better. Good luck


I’ll tell you the same thing I tell all my students- by paying me $500 and bribing half the testing team, you’ll do just fine.

But really, keep at it. Study, study, and study. Make sure you recognize the aptitude you have within yourself to perform ATC. Some are cut out for it, some aren’t. What could be super easy for Planey McPlaneface could be one of the hardest things in the world for Koko, the multi-sheep wonder.

We spoonfeed traffic and information into you one at a time. Hope you like peaches. Right now, focus on knowing your basic transition altitudes, sequencing, when to clear for takeoff, landing, and separation criteria. Those are the basics we look for in the test. If you pass that, then we start you off on Deltas with low traffic.

You may wonder how some of our controllers can handle so much traffic; the reason is that they were diligent and built up their tolerance. Delta-level flow slowly merged into Charlies, Charlies merged into Bravos, etc. Crazy OP skills don’t come overnight. Even the most experienced pros are still learning new things every day.


It is very difficult.

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Sarcasm at its finest. Something nice would be cool.

It’s impossible if you think it’s impossible. It’s impossible if you don’t try. It’s impossible if you give up and finally, it’s impossible if you don’t give it 110%. This applies to everything in life.

You fail?
Try again.
Try harder.
Fail better.

Because, by failing you learn more than those who succeed. You learn the true value of victory, and that is how you achieve success.


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