Is it better to have more or less fuel?

I have been wondering if having a lot of fuel is too much or if a small amount isn’t big enough because when I do flights, I usually put a lot of fuel in for flights, from London to Madrid for example, i get worried that I will run out so I put a lot in, and sometimes I’m about to run out but sometimes I’m ages from running out. I would just like some advise please?

2 Likes is a great tool which would calculate a lot of stuff for you, including fuel with your desired reserve time. As for having more fuel than you need, considering that it is just a game, if it doesn’t make you over you maximum landing weight there’s nothing wrong with that


More fuel definitely…


Ok thanks I will try that out!


The only issue with that is that I sometimes get stalls and I lose control and crash or just have to leave because I don’t have control

More fuel ⛽️


Whilst having a great amount of fuel prevent you to running out of fuel at unexpected times, It will seriously affect your aircraft-based performance such as the recommended speed or your recommended cruise level.

Fuel imput is based crucially on the planning factor, making a successful plan that takes into account both internal (e.g. cruise speed and load) and external factors(e. g. Winds or traffic levels), will prevent you from running out of fuel before arriving to your planned destination airport. Nonetheless, there are some non-predictable factors that can easily change, thus affecting your initial planning (e. g. Delay vectors from radar controller) reason why most of the folks suggest having 30 minutes- 1 hour of additional fuel quantity as a rule of thumb or constantly monitor alternate routes to diversion airports, which I also support.

Hope this clarifies your concern


Thank you this helped a lot! I think one of the main issues is that I don’t plan things out and I just go straight into it putting a random amount of fuel in. So I will start to plan stuff out from now on and see how I get on.
Thank you for this help👍

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Less fuel or more fuel? Of course more fuel, but neither is perfect. There is no need too much fuel. For a short haul (1 hour) I would take around 1:30 fuel. For a medium haul (3-6 hours) I would take 45 minutes-1 hour extra, and for Long hauls I would take around 2 hours extra.

Even sometimes gives too much fuel, in my opinion. If you take 1 hour of fuel, it will be used in 1 hour, so take extra fuel Incase you need to go around etc. helps when deciding how much fuel you need, as you can if u will have tailwinds or headwinds, and take fuel accordingly.

Hope this helps :)

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Couple days ago I saw a post of a guy landed and the fuel ran out just couple seconds before touch down…
My opinion? More fuel. ;) its better to have extra then risking your flight

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Add a bit more fuel for extra because maybe the ATC will tell you go around so add a bit more fuel and everything will be Ok!

It depends on the flight you are doing. If you are doing a long flight then more fuel. If short then less fuel. However you would need to like think on how much fuel the aircraft will use. With that, include the possibilities of a go around or a need to divert.

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