Is it better to do short flights (under 5 hours) or long flights (over 5 hours)

Hi everyone, recently I’ve been wondering if its better to flight within the US or go to different countries mainly Europe or Asia.

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It’s purely personal preference where you would like to fly. I would find it extremely boring to fly in the same place all the time, so I would recommend flying in other places too. The US isn’t the only place on Earth


It really depends on how long you want to fly for and which scenery you want. Generally, you want variety as @TimShan05 said.

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Hello there! I mostly prefer doing Short haul or Ultra short hauls.
More fun
Will get more landings
Lesser risk ( when you fly long hauls and unfortunately, IF crashes after some time, all of the hours will not be added)

The longest flight I did in IF was VABB-WSSS. Just a 5hrs flight.

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Personally, I think shorter flights are better. They don’t require you to constantly check your device as much, and if you think about it, once you’re in the air, it’s all the same. Unless you’re planning on flying over somewhere super cool, you just set the autopilot and wait. The only time I ever do a flight longer than five hours is if there’s a specific route/aircraft I really want to fly.
But as I always do, why don’t I suggest a poll.

Which do you like to fly?

  • 5 hours or more
  • 5 hours or less

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I do all flights from a 10min commute between my local airports in a C172 to a 18hr grind from DEN-CPT or JNB.

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Personally I prefer under 5 hours as you can get more takeoffs and landings and it’s easier to work around a busy schedule. That’s just me though it really is up to personal preference

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