Is it better if infinite flight add the support of BlueStacks?

Nowadays, there are many flight simulator on computer, but all of them need to waste a lots of time for pre flight setting, infinite flight is the best flight simulator for people don’t want to waste a lots of time to prepare before a flight, I think infinite flight should add the joystick support to android emulator on windows.

Firstly, people with a high performance computer are very rich, if infinite flight add the support to computer android emulator, infinite flight can get more people to sub the pro version, so that they can earn more money and develop the simulator better.

Secondly, adding support to computer can make the IFATC control the traffic better, with a better device, better FPS and a bigger screen, IFATC can control high density of traffic more efficiently, that’s make the sky become more safe.

In conclusion, adding the support to computer player can help infinite flight earn more money to develop the simulator better and make the sky in infinite flight safer. I think infinite flight should first add the joystick support to android emulator.

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I don’t quite understand what you mean when saying that we should “add support”? Exactly what is not working with Bluestacks & Infinite Flight as of now?

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Hi there!

I’ve seen you make like 4 topics about blue stacks.

While it Is fun to play on a bigger screen, you have to understand that Infinite Flight is a Mobile simulator. It was never meant to be played or emulated on a PC screen. While you can emulate, you’re not going to get the “Real” feeling when playing IF.

Adding the feature for IF to be played on computer is not easy. It takes a long process.

I can’t find any way to make infinite flight in bluestacks support joystick, I have tried liveflight connect, just plug in the usb, etc.

Does Bluestacks recognize the joystick?

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I am not sure, but I have tried another android emulator, it recognize the joystick but infinite flight didn’t show any things in the setting “show devices” page

I’d begin with checking that first.

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