is it bad to post too much?

I was just wondering if its a bad thing to post too much/make too many topics. I frequently post in the “Screenshots and Videos” category and I feel like Im spamming everyones page with unwanted pictures. Also I reply frequently… Is this a bad thing?


No way, Post to your hearts content!


As long as the posts are relevant and have a good intention, and follow the guidelines, then I think your good!


If your posting, good quality and interesting topics, I see it as an awesome thing! But too much of “not interesting and boring stuff” can be a bit of an annoyance to others in my opinion!

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yes i see, I’ve read the guidelines and always double check a topic that I post to make sure I follow the rules


Thanks for the reply! And yes, If i do post pics ill try to make them interesting


I typically post news stories and articles almost daily, there’s sometimes where I put my phone away to enjoy the day but so far I haven’t heard of any issues of posting

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Same for me! Also I love the type of things that you post

While there isn’t an issue with posting too much, you can’t spam the category with 2 topics a day, 3-4 times a week with informative and interesting topics are fine, but a post a day with like 2 photos on it isn’t good for the community.

Ahhh I see. Thanks!

Remember: quality over quantity…

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Always. Enough is never enough
Cant wate to see your next lot of screen shots

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