Is it bad to join 2+ VA/VOs?

Hello community,
I was just going to make a quick touch on a question I had. I am part of a VA and have been seeing many unique and impressive VAs. I was just going to consider:
Is it really that bad to join more than one virtual airline? I mean, some may not appreciate it, but still, it isn’t killer, right? I would just love a quick opinion on this.

  • It really isn’t that bad
  • It is totally fine
  • Avoid doing this at all costs
  • Doesn’t really matter

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At Embark it is completely allowed. Maybe poll for all airlines who do this?

It’s perfectly fine, and NORMAL to do this. No reason that you shouldn’t.

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Completely allowed and I believe every VA wants you to get more involved.

It is allowed but it is easier to stick to the least amount of possible or you will end up flying overtime.

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If you are well managed, I believe it is totally fine. You will never get bored :)

Please don’t try to publicize in a post.


Just providing an example ;)

Nobody is going to judge you if you’re in more than one VA. And, most VAs let you stay in as many VAs as you want. Most.
Of course, it’s all down to how much time you have. Don’t overdo it.

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Totally fine as long as you give each VA your best! There are a ton out there that are great to be a part of! I know at DLVA we have many members that have other VA’s they call home as well

Most VAs have no issue with this, providing that you maintain the minimum requerments to fly for each VA by flying / filing PIREPS etc.

However if you are staff it is better to be a member of just the one VA, so as to avoid any conflicts of intrest. Certainly if you want the VA that you are staff for to be a sucsess you wont have time to fly for a second VA!

Saying that I fly about 40% of my flights for my VA and the others are adhoc so that I get a fly a large range of aircraft in different araes of the world!

Happy Landings!

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I’m apart of tailwinds and SAA and nothing happens it’s totally ok if you can find the time for both

Doesn’t matter, it most probably won’t interfere with each VAs

I sure hope not… I’m in USA (Olympics), Aerosync, American Airlines American Eagles. If you have the time to be active among them all I would say it’s fine.

It’s best to contact the Virtual Airline or Organisation. Some VAs and VOs have specific requirements or guidelines.

As an example, at Qantas Virtual Group, we will not allow a staff member at any other Virtual Airline to obtain a membership with us, however, if you are simply a member of another Virtual Airline or Virtual Organisation that is fine.



We have no problems with users being in more than one. Every VA has it’s own right to set activity and how many other VAs you are in.

Staff wise, you must be more committed. Some VAs ask staff to be staff or exclusively in their VA only. 2 staff positions is fine so long as you have time and are committed. 3 staff positions is to much for me but right on the line. 4 is ridiculous and we don’t allow any more than 3.

Like IceBlue said, as long as itsin relations to pilot work it’s okay.

For example at Frontier Virtual we have a policy that no staff member may be staff at another VA/VO. Other then that we have no problem with it.

What about AF/KLM? I recently joined and I’m going to be Grade 3 soon and I want to join Fedex but I don’t want to leave AF/KLM. Do any of these VA’s have rules against this?

Ask your VA? Why bother asking people here when you can just ask the CEO or COO?

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AF/KLM has rules against metioning other VAs on their forum.