Is it bad for your battery to charge while doing a flight?

I realised my battery can’t usually last more than about a 5 hour flight on full charge so need to keep it on charge for a long haul. Is this usually ok as long everything is set to minimum and a camera view which isn’t rendering any scenery?


I would say so, but I wouldn’t recommend doing long hauls 24/7 or you’d risk killing your battery all together

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yes it ok to charge your phone during long hauls i charge my phone while a long haul


As long as you’re brightness is down and maybe even setting the graphics to low during cruise you should be good. For me, I just adjust my phone screen to minimum brightness.


I’d say u could get some times where ur battery could lag up but imo u shud always leave ur phone till the battery status is like 30% charged up

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Modern batteries really don’t deteriorate simply from charging them while they’re in use. Additionally, you are safe to charge it from any partial charge to 100% without any repercussions. And if you happened to be curious, no you cannot overcharge a lithium ion battery. Chargers are designed not to keep pumping energy into a full battery.

In short, you have nothing to worry about doing that.


If your actively using the device you can leave it on the charger I know most devices warn against over charging but as @Ryan says it will not harm your device.

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It’s fine. Everyone needs to do this, almost everyone keeps their device plugged in during a flight. I do this. Just don’t get your battery down to like 10-30% because you will waste charge cycles. What device do you play on? Most Apple devices like my iPad won’t go over a certain percentage if the device is warm.

That’s for the replies

It’s a iPhone 10s max. 2.5 years old and the battery is at 96% capacity!

As long ur battery aint getting too hot then ur fine. Usually i wait till my phone gets cool at cruise then i plug it in

I charge my device (iPad from 2017) during pretty much all my flights once I reach cruise. It does just fine and the battery is still good.

Just make sure it doesn’t get too hot if it’s an older device.

overtime they lose their effeteness. Why i never use my iphone xs my main phone for gaming. I use my old samsung s8

I’ve done a 19 hour flight before, and it got hot - but fine.

Well, batteries today comes with adapters to ensure it pauses charging when 100% is reached. It resumes back once it drops below 100% and the cycle continues. So, no the battery won’t be affected much during a long haul.
Additionally, i would highly recommend to turn on the low energy mode within the app as once activated, it minimizes the RAM usage & thus no overheating of the device. (Low Energy Mode avoids the app from rendering HQ sceneries and reduces the app performance.)

In moderation is totally fine and nothing bad will happen, but after like 10k hours I have completely trashed the battery of my 6S to the point that it’s a 50/50 chance if it even turns on in the morning.

i have over 2500 hours in IF and for basically all of those hours my ipad has been charging in the process. have yet to notice any issues. just make sure when you’re at cruise you turn down those graphics settings as well as brightness so ya don’t have a smokin hot device ;)

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