Is it any way to get an airport popular?

So im norwegian and i like flying into Osl/ENGM Oslo Gardermoen but the problem is that it’s no one there not Even a soul except me. And it’s just unicom. 1 time i was tower on training server for 3 hours no one came. And only once i have seen Someone being tower there. Almost no one flies there no one on Casual, Training or Expert server. Anyway in some way make people fly there?

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Well you can’t make people go there. On Ts people mostly fly to the big airports such as EGLL, KLAX and KJFK and I don’t really see that changing. But one thing you can do is create an ATC tracking thread if you wish for your airport to be more busy.


Create an event! Other than that, probably not


Marry it to a B-List Celebrity and hope that they’ll get their own reality show (like „The Airport and Me“ or something like that). Then you need merchandise and a trendy hashtag and off you go!

Or an Event. An Event is probably easier. Here you find how to create one! It’s very easy actually. Good luck! 😊


Also, you can create a group flight into/out of Olso.

Ok, thanks for your reply! But i don’t know how to start an event

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Check the thread that @Marc has kindly linked :)

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Or if you want to create a group flight.

Also next time they are taking suggestions for ATC/FNF suggest it!


If you want more people at a time, I recommend an event. But if you just want a few people to fly with you into/out of Olso I recommend a group flight.

An idea I have is to give everyone a chance to make their home/favorite/random airport popular. Every week/month, members would PM @Tyler_Shelton with an airport request, and he would choose an airport from those messages. Then, the member whose airport was chosen would create an informative thread on #general, similar to the posts in the Community FNF threads, and Tyler could possibly feature that airport in the ATC schedule.

However, a more realistic option is to create an event or create a topic showing why you should fly there.

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Rename it EGLL or KLAX.


RIP inbox. Please don’t do that 🙂

This is a much better idea:

“However, a more realistic option is to create an event or create a topic showing why you should fly there.“

If that person wants people to fly there they can educate their peers on that airport, what it has to offer and what it means to them.


Great idea lol

@AndreasENGM we all have are home airports or fav airports we want featured but sometimes we jus have to accept it might not ever happen hopefully for u if u make an event or ah thread u have a chance😁

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Make an event that will attract hundreds, such as storming something that is popular in the world

Like this! Right time, right place is all you need!

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It would probably help if the airport you mentioned always had ATC services if your on Training.

Though KLAX & EGLL are legendary status airports, I’m sure always having ground, tower, departure, & approach frequencies (for the most part) always open helps them stay at the top of the list.

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How do you do that. I’ve never seen any way to.

Misha will post a topic giving us an opportunity to suggest airports. He’ll then make a poll consisting of 3 suggested airports, and the community gets to vote for which one they want as the FNF airport. Look for these posts in the #atc category, where they’ll be pinned at the top of the page. :)

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What day is this usually that its posted