Is it acceptable to disreguard your filed TOD and TOC on your FPL to comply with ATC and SID/STAR altitude restrictions?

SimBrief keeps putting my TOC in unrealistic places on my FPL, as seen with my most recent post. Should I just direguard it if its put in a place where the TOC is well above a max altitude restirction?

Yea. I usually just let VNAV take me down when appropriate without paying much attention to the Simbrief vertical profile.

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Thanks you. Simbrief has been giving me isues with the TOC and TOD for years

I use SimBrief for every flight that I do and always just remove the TOC/TOD fixes it gives me. I try to use the enroute time it says it will take to reach top of climb to calculate my climb rate (for example, if it says I will hit FL300 15 minutes into the flight I will climb at an average of 2,000fpm) but completely disregard the TOD.

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SimBrief ToC and ToD are only estimates and in no way requirements.

Climb and descent vary from flight to flight and depend on many factors (load, weather, ATC instructions, traffic, performance needs, procedures…)

I typically delete the ToC and ToD waypoints from my FPL immediately after having uploaded the FPL.

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