Is it a steep take off?

Singapore 274
Is it a steep take off??


How much thrust did you use? It doesn’t look too steep, but more like a really early rotation.

Next to that, I am highly doubting whether this should be in #general or #screenshots-and-videos

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Yeah, it looks like a clean rotation but very early. Either way great shots!

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Thrust was 100% till 5000ft and the it was 86%

I will try my best at next flight!!!

A steep climb is this

The nose is more higher than it should be for a normal climb.


There is the issue. Never set your thrust to 100%! This is rarely done irl. Please refer to the following topic for the right throttle settings, for amongst others, the B787 family:

Have fun flying :D


You can also watch this video to learn the correct takeoff procedures


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