Is iPad 9th Gen Crashing Common?

Device: iPad 9th Gen
Operating system: iOS 16.5

IF crashes for me more than every second flight on final. I bought this iPad only a short while ago mostly for the purpose of IF due to my old iPad constantly crashing while flying. It’s quite frustrating when you invest hours into a flight and it crashes before landing. Is it common for a 9th gen to crash regularly? Disappointed considering IF was most of the reason for the new iPad. TIA

P.S. Is the dev team working on an update to reduce crashes or should I be expecting this to be the same going forward?

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I have the same iPad and it does not crash that frequently. I have most all graphics on high. I would recommend looking into it further, my iPad 9th gen only crashes about one in every fifty flights.

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I am using the same model of ipad. I also frequently crashed before. I tried to reduce the ‘airplane count’ to low. It helped me significantly. Now I rarely crash. I hoped this may help you.

I have the same ipad and it crashes quite frequently, I had reset scenery cache and dropped graphics from high to medium with anti-ailising off, and i havent crashed since and i didnt that about 5 days ago. Hope this helps!

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