Is intercepting allowed?

Can you guys tell me if intercepting is allow in Multiplayer?

Yes you can do it

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I believe you can.

But not on Expert Server

Even on expert yes


Yeah. I intercepted a 787 that was taken off from Los Angeles to San Francisco and he raged quit

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How do you know? Did he message you?

Nah. I played Infinite Flight Multiplayer before and I did not have this community

I don’t suggest intercepting random people. Not all people like an escort when they’re flying.


Well then, don’t assume they just “rage quit” they might of accident turned off their device, device could of died ect.


When my callsign was 4500X before, they intercepted me with F-18

Or I think their device have crashed

yes you can intercept.


Too bad, you’re getting a visit from Rob, you should be humbled, ha

How am I getting a visit from Rob?

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Um, I’m Rob


Intercepting and formation flights are allowed. However, there are some steps you should take to avoid angering anyone in Infinite Flight, which could potentially make them decide to quit the flight (or worse).

Steps that I have learned from others are the following:

  • Keep proper spacing; don’t fly directly into their aircraft or come super close to contacting them.

  • If on Training Server or Expert Server, make sure you have permission from the aircraft you’re escorting. This can be done in a PM on IFC. (If you cannot acquire permission directly from the pilot, then I wouldn’t recommend intercepting them.)

  • On Expert Server (and also TS if the ATC knows what they’re doing), make sure to follow the proper ATC formation-flight guidelines. (For instance, use the “Flight of _” callsign correctly, and have only the lead aircraft be the one who contacts ATC. Let me know if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

You can take a look at my topic on this matter here: Are random escorts "allowed" on Expert Server? (I made it a pretty long while ago.) There were some IFC users that gave some helpful information on that topic, so I recommend you go take a look!

Happy flying :D


Now with intercepting, I am assuming you mean that you are escorting someone else during a flight. As mentioned, that is fine. But…please don’t do this in a controlled airspace.

Intercepting is also used in availation to force an aircraft to land. Now just to be clear: never hinder or obstruct another aircraft.

Hope this adds a bit to this post.


I do think that you are more than welcome to intercept anyone and escort them afterwards on any of the servers, as long as you show some decency and respect and follow some really simple, unwritten rules

  • don’t buzz anyone in a fighter whilst flying at Mach 2
  • don’t fly through / crash into them
  • always leave some level of separation, even when doing close formation escort
  • stay well behind during approach, and especially on short final

For expert, keep these in mind in a jet:

  • avoid sharp turns (high G turns) and manoeuvres, like vertical take off in the vicinity of any airport below 10000ft
  • avoid aerobatics (like inverted flying) in the vicinity of any airport below 10000ft

Im not a recruiter, but if you wish to do things like intercepting aircrafts and doing escorts or any fighter/military related flights professionally, have a look at this:


When I’m low on fuel, I stop intercepting them and I land in an airport for refuel

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