Is Infinite Pro worth it?

I was wondering what are the pros and cons and what are some really attractive benefits.

I’ll take this into account on if I’ll but the plus or not.

I am also wondering if there are airports in Brazil and other locations not the original scenario places in Global.

Also, do I get the planes forever or only while I have an active subscription?

Thanks y’all!

Yes, it definitely is worth it and yes, there are airports in Brazil.

All airports in the world are included :). However, Brazil had lower resolution scenery currently. But as I said, you will still have access to all airports in Brazil.


  • All airports which are constantly updated
  • All Aircraft and future ones for FREE
  • You can fly with others
  • You can fly over HD 15m scenery over most parts of the world


  • Money

Pro gives you access to all aircraft, live, and access to the world for your subscription period. The only downside is you need a constant internet connection.


Survey says get a Pro Subscription. The possibilities are endless with the new update ;)