Is infinite flight pro worth it?

hi, i am wondering if infinite pro is worth it, im a beginner and started playing infinite flight, but i wanna ask, is the pro worth it? are the planes and multiplayer good?


Everyone will have different opinions, so it’s really up to you.

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i want to hear their opinion :)

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I would say so, but as a community member since 2016 I’m a little biased. Just focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the subscription, it is so much more immersive to fly alongside pilots and friends that you make through the forum. Not to mention the amount of planes that you are able to fly with (so many more options). Multiplayer also comes with live ATC controllers, which only adds to the immersive experience that Infinite Flight has to offer.


Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I’m just glad that I’m paying annual and not monthly


In my opinion yes. Pro allows you to have access to all the available aircraft aswell as the live servers and discord channel where we sometimes see sneak peaks.

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Why not give it a try? Get it for a month, and then use that month to determine whether the added features and multiplayer are worth it to you. Many think it’s worth it, some don’t. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you 🙂


It’s worth it because it does make it feel more realistic to fly with other people plus actual ATC known as IFATC which is really cool and the amount of aircraft you get totally worth it

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In my opinion yes
But what Dan_77 said buy it try for a month and decided from there
Hopefully this helped

So he will fly on casual server and get the worst first impression

Let me tell you my story. I started out with Infinite Flight and I told myself: “I’ll buy a month sub and see how I like it.” Got frustrated at first and deleted it. About 2 months later I really wanted to give it another shot because I saw so many good things about it. Well that 2 months later has now put me on year 4. IMO, it’s very much worth it. Getting to know the in’s and out’s, the VA/VOs, to the great community we have. I love it!

At the end of the day though, that’s all your decision!


Of course! Where else can you fly various types of aircraft around the world without having to pay for large aircraft and scenery files with no guarantee of it functioning properly?


when did you start infinite flight

You been playing infinite flight prior to global so you have all the paid aircrafts and regions?

First downloaded in 2019

It really depends,

If you see yourself flying a lot ( at least once a day ) then I’d say yes.

If you don’t think you’ll play regularly then no

It’s like if you have both Netflix and Disney + and you use Netflix more, what’s the point of paying for Disney + if you don’t use it same thing with pro

It makes sense, one day it occurred to me to pay RFS while having the IF pro active at the same time, but I used more IF
In RFS my subscription remained active and I had little use for it.

Every penny of it …

How is what I said in Spanish?

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Hahahaha ignore that.