Is Infinite Flight only mobile?

Hello, I was wondering if Infinite Flight was all on mobile or it was on other platforms because I see all these VA’s and insane stuff you can do and I’m like no way that’s all on mobile, so I was just wondering if the only current platform is mobile?

Yes. Although there is a topic to vote for PC support.



Yes, Infinite Flight is currently only available on the mobile platform. iOS and Android are the only platforms that are covered.


I would like to see PCs supported eventually, but not right now, writhing the next 5 or ten years would be nice!

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Yes we’re only mobile as the others stated above, I can see why you would be confused, with the insane graphics we have in the sim. Our devs certainly did more than spot on! :)


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It is all on mobile, as people have said, including VAs. However, they do use programs outside of Infinite Flight. IF is just the place where people fly.
There’s a reason Infinite Flight is #1 on the racing category.
You can take a look at #live:va to see all the great and quality VAs we have.

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