Is Infinite Flight Live Worth It?

True true. There are those days aren’t there.


If you have the money now, get Live+ you’ll save money in the long run and get access to all airplanes and regions. Live lets you fly with other players and real ATC. Its truly an amazing experience.

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You just asked a bunch of monkeys if they like banana!!

This monkey here does like bananas too! So in case you still need this: heck yeah it is worth it! :). Welcome to the community.


Best money I spent last year and will be this year! I never really fly solo… online is where the fun is :) It’s good to fly with traffic and ATC!

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Yes. Worth it. Yes yes yes yes yes. Also, welcome to the Community :)


##1. Asnwer

Definitely Yes 😊. Its totally worth it

##2. Which one should I buy?

If you have these following circumstances :

  • You dont have many paid regions and aircrafts
  • You dont have so many homework/work/project in the next one year

I would suggest you to buy Live+. As its cheaper compared if you buy Live for 12 months straight

But, If you have these following circumstances :

  • You have bought most of the paid regions/paid aircrafts
  • You can only be active during certain months because of school activities, exams, project, etc

I would suggest you to buy Live (Monthly) instead. As it wont worth if you cant be active for several months during your Live+ subscription. Learning should be more prioritized than playing


my live+ is going to expire soon, but than ill hold on a bit until global comes out and i wish they have bundle package for Live+ and global together
i mean if you can wait…otherwise HELL YES!!
But if you have the patients than i would really wait for global to come out than bye it together
if you know wht im saying

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Yes, just like every other forum oompa loompa would say. Infinite flight solo isn’t the real infinite flight and, for me, is boring after a couple of flights. Infinite flight live has so much more to offer. Just buy it for one month, I would suggest. Live+ is significantly cheaper, but it has it own cons too.

My personal experience was Live normal, It was so fun to see other people so I decided to buy Live+ ! Didn’t regret a single moment.

Tip : if you buy Live or Live+, SoCal on TS1 is not a great way to learn.

Buying regular live for one year: 60$ (5x12) with only the other stuff you buy orrrrrr
Buy live+ and get everything and anything for the same price, just think of it all up front.

Has anything been said by dev regards prices for global? Will it be additional cost over live+? Appreciate any input.

I’d say that Live+, the 12 month subscription is a good bargain. Once you’re on live it will take awhile to advance in grade (you’ll have to be grade 3 to fly on the expert server). Flying on the Training Server can be frustrating, like someone else said stay away from the Southern California region, unless you have lots of patience. One of the best things about Live is that you will make friends around the world!

Hope to see you in the skies soon!

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Yes sir, yes it is:-) I used to think that it wasn’t, but then I got it and OMG!

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