Is infinite flight down now?

I’ve been having issues with global for the last two days. Weather and live seem to be unoperational. Am i the only one with this issue? I’ve tried re-installing and disconnecting from wifi but nothing seems to work.

Make sure your device is fully updated. I would also recommend rebooting your wifi system. The servers were down a few days ago but that shouldn’t be the issue now as Laura fixed it a while back.


Have you visited your play store to update the app recently? Make sure you restart your device and Infinite Flight before you begin a session.


I am flying online, weather is down but that is the only issue I see. No connectivity problems or anything like that.

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What device are you using?

Try on a different server

As mentioned by Tim, weather appears to be down right now but you should be fine to fly. As soon as it is addressed you should see the weather icon turn green again.

-confirmed weather is down for the moment in Casual and Expert Servers

Hang in there and happy flying, Chris