Is Infinite Flight coming to her end?

Hey there pilots, I’ve been quite concerned with IF lately due to the amount of people that are leaving or already have. I’ve also been seeing quite a lot of negative comments in the comments section on instagram and it worries me that IF will soon come to her end.
People find it hard to stay loyal to this app due to the high prices and the lack of exciting updates and what not. And to be very honest, sometimes I do have to agree with these people. When I look back to the old days of IF I were excited the whole year through on what was in the making. Even though they’ve explained that it’s hard to always give us more information, I find it frustrating to a point that I’m thinking… What is it that I’m staying for.

Let me know what you think. I would love to have a conversation with you guys about this topic.


Don’t think so… IF has been here for quite Long already and they’ve been working very hard


i don’t think IF is coming to an end i mean its come a long way so no IF isn’t coming to an end so as i say

IF Stay Strong And Stay United


Amount of people leaving? What have I missed?
We had a crazy busy airspace in UK a couple of days ago.


Alot of people including myself study in university and others are in education and around about March April May and June time of the year alot of people are preparing their for their exams or finishing their assigments so there is the an education factor that people have to meet their personal commitmnets and so not as active as much until the summer holidays begin were they will be a persumably be more people active


This is completely normal. As already mentioned, it’s still super busy and the active users are something that is steadily increasing :) Users come & go, no one is expected to stick around forever even though we’d love it if they did!

This is something we’re actively working on. And you will see some changes to this very soon, but i can’t say more about it at this time :)


I’ve just signed up this month. IF is without a doubt the best solition for me. I travel… Every week i move. So having an FS in my pocket. IF have me as a customer for a very long time!


i mean i have been playing IF for 2 years so i don’t think its coming to an end

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The fact that there are more than 1000 people flying at any time doesn’t strike me as “loosing loyalty”. Instagram is an absolute war zone, I just ignore the comments on posts, because you only see the bad ones and not the good ones

Plus many people are at school and work, many are studying for exams and some are actually taking exams.

I personally know that I will one day have to leave, but I live in blissful ignorance until that happens.

Btw topics like this don’t put IF in a great light… Maybe let’s keep it to a minimum?


In May of this year I will a member for 4 years and I don’t regret joining this community I love IF they have done so much and I love being apart of them keep up the great work staff!!! 👌👍🙏


I believe, like all games, there will be times where the future feels grim. There have been small outbreaks like this and this is just a big one. As I say it happens with most games. But you have to say 6 IF spotters on a game that had 1500 people playing it 2 days ago. Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people have the game we have just lost 6 of a large selection of legends. Some of them will come back too. In 2017 I gave up with IF but 6 months ago I came back. I am using it all the time and now am Grade 4. Just wait a few months🙃

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Yea. I definitely struggle to get on as I work around peek hour, which is my favourite time to fly.


People come and go like with every and I’m with @Dan_77 I will have to leave at some point and so will all of you. Luckily I have 4 years till GCSE so I’m hoping to be here a while longer


Ill try ;). I just wanted the opinion of my fellow pilots :D


If I were to leave what would become of IFAE? I would never do such a thing to my team (And yea. They won’t let me 😂). I’m still here to stay. This sim still has big potential 👍🏻

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Always good to look around but let’s keep high hopes for IF

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Thank you for your response. As someone already said sometimes the future feels grim. I really just wanted to see what the community thinks and I wanted to express where I’m currently standing with IF. Even tho ‘the future feels grim’, I’m still a proud member of the community and IF it self.

Thank you again for your reply @schyllberg it’s much appreciated.


Of course my friend!

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I would like to say that IF has been in the market for quite a while, during this time I´ve played I had ejoyed every second. What I think for the future its that I´m going to grow and start planing my life and my career. the point I want to get is that I want to be a pilot and IF and the community has helped me a LOT but once I grow up I think I will go further on, with something that provides more realism and that stuff.
@MrValcon tell me what you think. this would be an awesome conversation


I very much understand what you’re saying. IF has been the thing that gives my love for aviation a boost since early 2014. I was recently trying to get some x-plane working so I could try new stuff out but that hasn’t worked out yet… I think for many younger aviation enthusiasts it’s a great place to get a slight feeling of how it is to work with such gorgeous bird. No matter the size. But at the same time it might be a bit too pricey for those youngsters. Even tho it’s a great way to get a ‘first’ look into aviation!