Is Infinite Flight a real time simulator?

Does i.f have realistic flight times? irl KATL to KLAX is 5 HRS but in i.f its 3:30 mins for me.

That is because of other factors, like wind and other things.

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The time should depend on how fast you’re going.


Wind could be a major factor

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On Google it says 5 hours and that is approximate, but if you check on flgihtradar24 Flight history it says about 3 hours and that is accurate.

You can go to and enter your flight number and it will show you the history with the flight time, altitudes speed…
I.F has got real time flight durations.

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Couple of questions:

  1. What speed are you at? You may be going too fast for your aircraft type.

  2. What are the winds like? Usually, there is a tailwind going from west to east around the continental United States.

B772 at M.0.85

Winds are kinda light.

Hmmm. The 777 on long hauls cruises at Mach 0.84, but on shorter routes, they can cruise at speeds as low as Mach 0.80. Surprised that winds are calm though, usually that route has an abundance of tailwinds.

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If you use flight times off Google, some airlines like to add 30mins+ of “buffer time” so if theres an unexpected delay it doesn’t look like they’re late. Or the winds were particularly favourable that day for you. Flightradar gives the most accurate actual flight times (though it might be hard to find them because of the pandemic cancellations)


Actually there are several factors:

  • google gives gate to gate time. Flightaware, FR24, etc. gives flight time.
  • Winds change obviously
  • Sometimes airlines take a less efficient route to avoid a country. Simbrief will not do that.
  • In IF we often cruise at fixed speeds (eg. M84 in 777, M79 in 737). IRL they will sometimes cruise slower or faster (eg. for spacing over the Atlantic)
  • IF favors slightly lower altitudes. Near the equator, this can result in very slightly faster speeds (only by 1-2 percent)

In general flight times in IF are accurate enough as long as you don’t fly unrealistically fast.

For you specific example, the flight times on google are with slower aircraft like the A320. I still don’t get how you managed 3:30 cuz flightvector shows 3:30 at M85 without counting the slower speeds during climb and descent.

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They can sometimes include waiting times, like the time it is suppose to depart and how long it takes to get airborne plus boarding and all of that stuff. If you look at replay, the time is longer than the flight time itself because you were on the ground making preparations, such as fuel, passengers, and even taxiing. Just like real life. They would usually take 30 minutes boarding taxiing to the runway, and then who knows how approach would look when they arrive.

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