Is infinite flight a game or Sim?

Hi guys, I have been playing infinite flight for the past month or so and been truly enjoying it recently I was able to go over to friend who has P3D and it is way different.

Is if a game or a sim?

It really depends how you fly with infinite flight if you consider it a “game” or simulator. People have their different looks on it but it is called Infinite Flight and I believe is in the simulator category.

It’s more of a simulator I would say, just because we have expert server and it’s more realistic than just to be a game.

Ah but in P3D you had more buttons to press where IF it’s just a few buttons you have to press to get the airplane working

I can hear the keyboard warriors breathing heavily and boss music starting to get louder…

I’d put it down to personal preference. I call it a simulator: you are simulating real world procedures and flight, and it’s classed as a “flight simulator” whereas some will argue that it doesn’t have enough detail, and is therefore a game.

Truly there hasn’t been a bigger divide in people since pineapple on pizza


This explanation seems the most best I guess. I kinda see it as preference

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I would call it both. There are times I treat it as a simulator, but more that I treat it as a game.


I would say if you asked me before all the live cockpits it would be a game but now with live cockpits it’s a sim. It also is the same deal with servers in casual it is a game in expert it is a sim.

Yeah, I think it seams to be down to preference. In game trolls probably see it as a game, while pilots who fly professionally see it as a sim. I see it as a sim myself and am truly happy and proud of what the IF has been able to simulate onto mobile devices!

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Pineapple on pizza is good though!


They have live cockpits? Is this only in select planes I haven’t flown them all yet

Game: You are playing around with the planes (like causal server)

Simulation: You are following IRL procedures and doing a flight

depends how you use it

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Yes they have live cockpits in the 777 737 A350 a320 family the tbm and the cessna

But the startup procedures in Infinite flight aren’t as detailed as p3d

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A320 fam, B777-200ER, B737 fam, A350-900, TBM-930, C172, and X-Cub all have live cockpits!
@Frequentfliyer beat me to it lol

Oh I was only using the 747 ahaha

You added a few things though. I forgot about the x cub

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It depends on how you look at it. I would say it’s sim if you take it realistically but a game if you don’t take it serious. It’s not a fair comparison to an Sim like X Plane or P3D because those are mainly for computers while IF is a mobile app. So of course IF isn’t going to have what P3D has because IF is meant for Mobile devices which doesn’t have a powerful graphics card like PCs do

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I consider it both. In a lot of cases, simulators can be games. For example, the hurricane simulator at an arcade would function as a game.

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It is getting to be more a sim but I always say it is an experience.