Is Illinois One getting a Repaint?

As most of you know from our version in IF, Illinois One has a silver winglet. Recently though, they were painted in the heart livery winglets. What do you think this means? All photos of this plane are like this on JetPhotos recently.

  • It’s getting repainted entirely
  • Just the winglets are getting repainted
  • I honestly don’t know

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It could also mean there was damage to one or both of the winglets that were on there and the replacements were already painted.


You are correct. There was an indecent a few weeks back where an aircraft collided with the wing tip of a Southwest 737-700. Sure enough, I looked at the engine in the video and there was an American flag. This is a replacement winglet.


Alright, thank you!


This can be shut down now

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Sometimes you’ll find aircraft with nose cones that don’t match their primary color. There’s a few SWA birds out there that have a nose cone which is darker in color than it’s color on the fuselage. Being the biggest 737 operator in the world, parts are often interchangeable and can be done in a timely manner. Saves time and money.

Same thing applies to winglets and engine cowlings.


Thank you!

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Yeah as Deercrusher said it’s really common for this to happen. Sometimes you BA aircraft with the engine cowling white and the intake blue, it just depends where the parts come from, if they aren’t BA’s then they won’t be painted and in this case as it’s a special livery it will likely not have any spares in those colours. Being a low cost carrier I bet southwest pre paint most of their stock to cut down maintenance times.

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Yep. Take this one as an example. Here’s Maryland One with a different nose cone.


That looks weird and cool! Thank you guys for helping me understand !

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