Is IFFG fan run or official?

Thanks for your answers.

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It’s run by @AR_AR and his alien friends

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Thanks for your help

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IFFG isn’t official or anything, just a regular fan group like all other Infinite Flight groups. It’s run by these people:


I am not affiliated with iffg at all. Do not contact me in regards to anything related to it.


IFFG is a only a fan group and not an official part of Infinite Flight in any way, shape or form.

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lmao! The day @AR_AR is running a VA or is involved in a VA in any way, is the day pigs start flying, as the sky falls on them and the apes who have taken over the Earth,

…I reckon.

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IFFG is and always has been an independent fan based page. No official sanctions have ever existed, but we certainly always approve of them being around. They’ve done a lot for us all. A bunch of great fans.


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