Is IFATC recruiting open again?

Hello, good morning to all. I had to pause my IFATC carreer a year ago and now I have the opportunity to return to the team. I´ve read a few topics that say the recruiting process is on sby for now, is this true? Or who can I contacto to join the team again?

Thanks, have a great day


Hey! Welcome back.
The recruiting process has gone through some changes and is now resumed for application. You can read about it here:

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Appears to still be locked for me, I’ve tried daily.

Are you sure you meet all of the requirements? It won’t let you apply if you don’t.

I don’t think it is, I could be wrong though. But I’m 85% sure it’s not locked. Do you pass all the requirements?

On this link Infinite Flight ATC its still showing apps paused. I’ve passed all requirements to apply. I found another link this morning and it let me apply so I should be good now. Still not sure what’s up with this link though.

Hi Tyler,

That is our legacy website. We have moved all operations in house, and the new link to apply is here: Join IFATC