Is IFATC qualified for their job?

Ok, was he flying, or actually on Tower, Ground and ATIS?

he controlled tower and atis at the time, I‘ll pm him soon and ask what happened there

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Of, in that case, if he’s new, @SterlingArcher’s statement stands true. :)

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uhm m8 I dunno whatcha talking bout but Im pretty chill rn, Im just bringing up facts that accured in the past and right now to me. Its difficult to write poliedly and informal at the same time with 10 people so sorry about that but all cool here

Yeah glad to hear. Now that you’ve sent him a pm, I think there’s no need to further this thread. I hope you guys resolve this in the dms

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If his internet connection was not stable or loose at the moment then that’s not really his fault though. I’d say that loosing connection to internet happens to anyone and could happen anytime. So give him a break if that’s the case.


yeah well Im sorry, I got no information so I have to say what ive seen. Maybe trying out less busy airports for te first bit of time helps

I say the Best thing to do is shoot the person a pm it’s the best way of figuring it out it clears it all up

Well, looks like the crew came out in force for this one…

This stuff happens all the time, let’s let it go, and move on to something actually productive, simple mistake…


yeah the thing is I can garantee u a a380 on a ga stand to get first in line on expert cutting through people spamming the frequency, has no idea what ifc even is ;)

I am not ATC, but from a pilot view, they do a good job at their job. They respond quickly to questions. There’s been times where I have been in game and had a question and I would PM them via here and get a response quickly. Tyler does a good job at running the group


Yeah I see where your coming from 😊

yep I was expecting to go sleep and see 1 or 2 replys next morning not this😂

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Maybe there was chaos because TNCM has no ground frequency and the pilots were just fooling around…😊

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In relation to IFATC, your going to get folks from all walks of life with all different levels of experience. It works like any other organization. While that controller may pass the tests thats just one scenario in pool of pretty much thousands of scenarios that they can be faced with. All Pilots no matter where their background lies need to realize this. Not saying you don’t but it just takes a little bit of understanding on both sides of the controls. Trust me If I jack up im gonna own it but thats just my ethics, you learn from mistakes in the past to prevent those in the future. In closing as everyone has said here IFATC is held accountable and all actions have consequences good or bad.

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You don’t appear to be. However, these circumstances are out of the controller’s control. Going AFK & Losing connection, as I said above, is out of his control and can be a result of his loss of connection

Trolling and madness will happen on any server regardless of active ATC or not, if he is new, his device/connection might not be able to cope with the number of aircraft that’s at his airport. It can be annoying, as said before many times. But it isn’t anything for him to control. Calling him out is not the way to do it

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obviosuly the title of this topic was used a bit aggressive to gain some attention but no offense to any controller I sure know of the tests they run through. I just think awarness would be necessary to someone prevent things like this

CR3W saves the day again! lol. I’ll stop xD\

Please message @SkySki about his service at TNCM, thanks!

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yup thanks for the conversation

Totally understand man, SAR is a practice that should be used in all faculties of this sim from controller to pilot but we cant force others. That change has to come from within. But trust me I get the frustration and it happens. Happy flying!