Is IFATC qualified for their job?

Just gonna put this out here. The controller has been Skyski, going afk loosing conection multiply times meanwhile pure chaos ruined every single letter of the word „expert“

Is there any way to ghost a player after his mistake with proof? If so this gentlemen might fit into casual server better for now.

Note, this topic can be closed very soon, I just want some people see that with the current „expert“ server, obviously a lot is wrong. A feature request for grade 6 + server is coming up soon, for now enjoy this event:

Topic is talked about. Thanks for the comments, I hope I could spread a littlw awarness of this to bith sides, pilots and controllers, happy landings! (can be closed)

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All IFATCs are highly trained. Yes, this is a bit of chaos, but please PM the controller directly to ask him about their reasoning.


The problem is that some people takes « Expert server ATC » as Casual server or Training server :/

We can’t do things seriously here unfortunately… IFATC controllers can’t controlling all the airports at the same time

couldnt find him here on IFC no matter what, a link would be appreciated

@SkySki here he is


one day all serious players shall get their realism…


IFATC go though 2 test in order to become IFATC, so my answer would have to be yes.

There is not. Only Staff and Mods can

If what I’m getting from this is that the IFATC person was in the Air, not ghosting said people, he can’t has you most likely doesn’t have the power to do so.

If you every encounter an Airport like this on the ES, just PM a Mod to come in :)

Well you do realize that’s the ATC doesn’t control everything right? Pilot awareness is also a big part of a smooth operation. It’s up to you to maintain spacing. Some of us here are unfortunately not in the best environment and may have internet issues or whatnot. I’m aware of the controller you’re referring to and he is a great ATC controller. Everybody makes mistakes, we don’t have to be condescending about it. Cheers


Just have to say, I know no one that is Grade 6. I’m sure they’re out there, but I haven’t seen them. Even Laura isn’t Grade 6.

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yeah that did just happen a couple mins ago on TNCM

Well, that’s because there is no grade 6 🤷🏼‍♂️

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thats a wish of mine no existing feature ;)

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Regulars, let’s get off the Grade 6 Topic please :)



Yeah, I already get that realism by being realistic and professional myself. Also by neglecting pilots with these types of behavior I save myself from childishness and so I’m flying in Expert Server at the current maximum Realism there is ;)

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u cant really talk about pilots awarness seeing a pure troll going through without being noticed in the focused hub of the day…

Called VATSIM, I kind of expect something like that from IF.

I can see where you’re coming from, it can be annoying to have complete chaos raining down upon you. But if they are having connection issues that’s not a qualification issue, its something they have no control over. With going AFK, that might also be a connection issue, once again please contact the controller privately.


Was there active ATC at the Airfield? Or just Unicom?

active atc, it was Skyski currently

Yeah you need to take a chill pill bud. If you wanna talk send me a pm. I’m just saying it’s not cool calling someone out in front of everybody. He just joined IFATC so give him some space.