Is IFATC on holiday on the featured airports today :-)?


I know we can’t request service but I was just curious if there is anything special going on that I missed since I don’t see any of the features Region airports open except the airport if the week. It’s unusual. Everybody on holiday? :-)) just kidding

They have lives and can’t be open 24/7.

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Nope. Probably just busy. IFATC cannot be on 24/7.

Like what @Qantas094 said.

Keep in mine, IFATC are humans. Not bots (However it would be nice to have bots at certain airports to control when no one is on), so I would cut them some slack. They cannot always hold the line.


School started for many of our US controllers this/ last week. Thats why its become quite quiet.


Not really, I mean they too are like us pilots, humans who have their own schedule in life to take care of, so for an instance a pilot can’t fly every day, the same way a ATC cant control every day.

There has, and will be many times in the future where there is a brief moment/period with no airports being active, but someone at some point usually do open, when they get time to spare :)

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Holiday? More like, “its a Monday and folks have work and school to go attend to.” Some folks aren’t fortunate to play Infinite Flight in bed all day long. 🙂


School also started for UK controllers

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Remember that post that @MishaCamp did about nature? That is basically why. We have lives, and even though there are like a lot of ATC members, we still got to do things in life.

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School has started all most everywhere


Sure. That explains it. And I appreciate everyone’s having a non sim life. Enjoy. Wasn’t meant as a complaint. And I write I see Jakarta open.


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