Is IF Realistic?

I wanted to test weather I could land an overweight A380 and LCY and I was able to. Then I wanted to see if I could takeoff from A380 overweight and full fuel tanks. I was able to. How is this possible?
BA001 service with an a318 has to stop in Shannon as the aircraft cannot takeoff from LCY with a full tank. How can I do it on this game with a 380?
I understand that the takeoff I did was not perfect but I was still able to get it of the ground

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please wait for your images to finish uploading before posting

The A318 can not be fullely loaded in London City because it needs enough room to get up to take off speed and stop if necessary. The A318 also wasn’t using 100% thrust as pilots almost never do that. In your case you probably didn’t care about being able to stop as you were just testing something. Also you probably had the throttle at 100% which is too much for the engines in real life but is ok in infinite flight. The A380 is very powerful and it is not impossible that at 100% throttle it would take off while weighed down. :) The maximum take off weight for the A380 is 1.2 million pounds.


A few things to take into account here:

  • The A380 is an older aircraft in Infinite Flight, therefore the flight model is not as realistic as some of the newer ones.
  • Take-off thrust must not be at 100% - aim for around 90% N1.
  • Check weather: temperature has an effect on performance, as do winds.
  • “I understand that the takeoff I did was not perfect” -> I think you also disproved your own theory here :)

If you try this in a newer aircraft (with newer, more accurate flight model), such as in the A318, you’ll find it is more like the real thing.
Infinite Flight aims to have realistic flight models, and whilst this is hard to achieve, flight models are continuously improved in each new aircraft (i.e. the 737 brought landing gear drag and ground effect, which is being extended to other aircraft).

Getting realistic flight models requires a lot of source data of how aircraft handle in different situations (which is hard to achieve, despite having real-world, type rated pilots provide input on the flight model) as well as a lot of tweaking. At the moment, it is in no way 100% realistic, however if you have any detailed input as to how it can be improved for specific aircraft, then I’m sure Matt will gladly look into making any adjustments to the flight model :)


Beat ya to it lol! But you made a good point, the A380 is also a older flight model and that can affect things!

This is the problem, not the sim.

You’re not supposed to use an A380 under any circumstances at LCY.

Flying around using an overweight A380 is for Edwards AFB, not a medium sized airport built with an especially steep glideslope limiting aircraft sizes even further.

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This forum is a place to ask and give feedback/advice. Some people are quick to criticise without understanding both the complexity of creating a fully-functional, realistic flight simulator on mobile devices, as well as the fact that IF is still a game that is very much in development and is improving mostly due to community input.

If you don’t like Infinite Flight or the direction it is taking and believe there are superior, “non-average flying games” out there on mobile devices, then by all means go and play them and leave IF behind. There’s no need for you to be constantly negative about Infinite Flight on a forum dedicated to Infinite Flight.

By all means, however, be constructive in your criticism (i.e. help provide solutions) :)


Real pilots don’t fly planes with their iPads as yokes. This is an extremely unrealistic Simulator. It would come with a full cockpit if it wanted to be realistic.


Was there still enough runway length left to safely abort your takeoff when reaching V1?
The same applies to every aircraft and runway.

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To each his own, man. To each his own. At least doing this provides more realistic terrain avoidance practice when your knuckles crack against a wall. See will be laughing when I get my pilots license after years of this “neeeooowwwmm” training.


THE. YOU install a Joke it is possible
And it is the most realistic flightsim on tablet
Or you want to play X plane 10 without live or air traffic controllers

No need to be a jerk. Like the positive things in the game, don’t just go looking in every deep dark corner for something that’s wrong.


Like Cam said, criticism is fine as long as it is useful. All you seem to do is cause problems and say how awful IF is. I do have to wonder why on earth you even bother to be on this forum if you don’t like IF? Waste of your own time I think ((:


Well said @MishaCamp

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This is a simulation. Corners are cut, especially in unusual attitudes, stalls, spins, etc… which by the way, we never claim are the most accurate ever simulated.

Now, having said that, who knows if you can land an A380 at EGLC? Do you think any insurance company will agree to a real one doing it?
About airlines flying upside down, same thing, ask the insurance company if you can pull this stunt in an airliner, they will tell you “Not in the POH? not covered my friend, if you mess this up, it’s on you”.

In short, what most people deem “unrealistic” is stuff that can be classified into 2 categories:

  • No one has really tried it in real life, so there’s no way to tell, except by asking the engineers who built the planes
  • Stalls/spins, unusual attitudes are not something we focus on heavily in the app. We’re a flight simulator, not an aerobatic sim. We focus mainly on normal flight attitudes, at least for now.

In the stuff we support, IF is realistic, take the 737 or the A320 with some real world weight and balance setup, flight configuration, and we should be within close range of what the real airplane would do. That’s our current definition of realism.

And to conclude, reality isn’t realistic either :) (airliner flying upside down) (crazy climb rate in a 787) (757 taking off in about 2000ft)


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You get the simulation part of IF for $5 flat. Everything else is optional and doesn’t impact the flight simulation side of things.
Same as X-Plane on PC, you get a few planes, some basic airports, but you’re paying for the simulation side. Anything else is an extra (including eye candy, as you mentioned in a previous post).

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FSX hasn’t been updated in years. Back when I started, I had to pay about $60 every couple of years to get the new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. I also had no way of leaving any sort of feedback on the stuff I wanted…

We’re not building the same product, and this is not 2003 anymore :) The world has changed.