Is IF Realistic - Existance of Defunct Airfield/Airports

If the intention is to make Infinite Flight as realistic as possible, why do we have airports which are no longer active?

VHXX - Kai Tak Airport
KCGX - Meigs AIrfield

I am sure there are a few others scattered Globally. Does it make sense to remove these if we wish to make the simulator realistic?

Should they exist, if so should the ATC and markings be removed if they are not active?

Would we maintain fixes/navigational aids which no longer exist?

Is IF Realistic? Yes.
While those airports are now close you can still have some fun


Just because they are inactive doesn’t mean they still aren’t on the planet? This game is also very realistic.


Yea the Aiport editing team will probaly fix that soon

They will not remove the airports. I could bet on it. The airport is a real place on earth so they will keep it in IF. Especially VHXX since it is very famous for its tough approach.

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Yea they probaly will keep it. I would enjoy it and have fun on approach while you still can. Try landing a 747 have some fun

Including two exceptions does not make Infinite Flight unrealistic. Those two airports are a big part of aviation history, and as such they are included. I agree that lesser-known/smaller airports that are now defunct shouldn’t necessarily be kept. Again, these two are exceptions. Now for Navaids and fixes, old ones probably should be removed (unless they happen to be right next to our two exceptions!)

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So if the belief is that they should be kept. Should other redundant airports be added?

I do believe the iconic ones should stay around, such as Kai Tak and Stapleton. There are some others as well but the ones that arent iconic should go.

@Kilt_McHaggis ^^^ Only if an airport is truly iconic in aviation

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But that still doesnt take away from the fact that the airport is still on Earth. If it is demolished they will most likely take it out or not add it. Also defunct airports that are currently in the game will most likely get less attention from the Airport editing team.

The Airport editing team worked long and very hard on global and I’m sure they have better/ more important things to do than remove old airports that aren’t functional anymore.


My stance is currently and always has been that these airports should be kept.

I am yet to see a good reason to remove them. Yeah they aren’t in existence and in the case of Kai Tak a non avgeek would have a hard time guessing it was once an airport if you look at it today. However, these airports were once the pinnacle of aviation and technology I fly into VHHH often and I can’t help but see the runway and remember everything and all the history that airport has. Of course for those with the 100% #realisim agenda it would be more on the side if it isn’t there in real world then it shouldn’t be here. But what about the 747-200, DC10/MD11? Those aren’t flying very often and not at all for passenger traffic so why are they here? Simple. For people to have another aircraft to enjoy, and if we have defunct aircraft to enjoy there is no valid reason to not have defunct airports in the app. If you don’t want to go there you don’t have to, but many people enjoy that tricky approach so let people make the most of the app.

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This was discussed before and it was a resounding yes they should stay