Is IF missing fixes,VORs?

Hello Guys,
The i’m Not sure if this is already answered I found nothing about it…but:
Is IF missing some navigation fixes? Because most times I fly I check the airport charts and fill my flight plan based on the stated SID and STARs but most times I can’t find all of them…
Am I misinterpreting the Charts or are some of them not in the sim?

Hey @Robp,

Not all waypoints are currently in Infinite Flight as we speak. More and more do get added each update and previous ones get fixed when the navigation database is updated.

We currently don’t have official SIDs and STARs in the game but there is a feature request for that:

Hope that helps! If you have any more questions, let us know!

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Thank you!

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I believe that it is, but I may be wrong. This is an older topic on it: Missing Fixes and VORs

Do you know if there is a reason why some fixes are not added yet…i‘m not talking about whole areas but for example if you want to fly a „star“ for 25c in EDDF and search for your waypoints some of them are there some of them are not …does the Development Team add them „by hand“ or do they get them from some kind of database(what would explain that some are in and others not) ?

Hey Rob,

A navigation editing team exists within the main airport editing team. Our job is to add all things navigation; fixes, VORs, and ILS/GS approaches.

Some of the fix data comes pre-made but then we also have to add anything that is missing. It’s difficult to do so because fix coordinates are not easily and publicly accessible, especially in places outside of the US, Canada, and parts of Europe. Rest assured though, we are trying our best to add as many fixes are possible to improve the Infinite Flight experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Good day,

Airport Editing Supervisor


Adding on to what the guys have said above. You can use FPLtoIF which a lot of the time will give you SIDs & STARS.
Another way, you can use the Waypoint Lookup feature within FPLtoIF to find the fixes you are after, then copy and paste the GPS coordinates to IF.


Thank you all for your extensive answers I really appreciate the work done from the development and editing team…for me my questions are now fully covered in your answers! :)

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Nathan pretty much covered this but I I think we have pretty much all the current VOR’s in the game at the moment… Adding all the fixes is a different answered as there are so many, but be assured we are adding lots each update.


Thanks so much really helped!

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