Is IF down?

i can’t connect to the server and i wanted to know if people are experiencing the same thing

To which server? We have a few ;)

Additionally, any error messages?

i can’t get past the IF startup logo

Also, check you network connection and see if your subscription has ended. Have you tried reinstalling?

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network connection is fine

i wouldn’t want to do that since i would lose my replays

Everything is working properly here.
I would start with restarting everything network related to your device, including the device. That usually solves most of these issues :)

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restarting right now

btw this also happened after my s10+ restarted itself

Is that a second account you have?

no it is not

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What device do you have now then?

Might be device related. All is well on my end.

i restarted the wifi and my s10+ but still nothing

Is it simply not connecting or is there a message?

Cign :)

it says that IF has a problem connecting to the servers

Excuse if someone has said this but could you restart your WIFI?

i already did

And all settings and storage is good? If so seems like reinstalling the app could be the only option.

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it worked now! the problem seems to be a dns blocking the connection