Is HurryUpYo Heavy a Inappropriate Call Sign?

Hi, I just found out yesterday when I was flying with my Call Sign Clipper 185 Heavy from Los Angeles to San Diego, I spotted a call sign called ‘HurryUpYo Heavy’ I saw this call sign when I was taking off a runway 25 right in Los Angeles Airport, can someone tell me in the comments that ‘HurryUpYo Heavy’ is a inappropriate call sign or not.

These pictures I took with my iPad had pictures that they said ‘HurryUpYo Heavy’.

Picture One:


Picture Two:


Let me know in the comments if the call sign called ‘HurryUpYo Heavy’ is inappropriate or not.

IMHO, yes.

It’s entirely up to you to decide whether it’s inappropriate or not.

In my opinion it is not. It’s a bit childish but that’s about it. I really wouldn’t be in any kind of particular ‘hurry’ to get upset about it.

My own call sign for example is HIAL666, ‘Highlands and Islands Airports Limited 666’. Some folk might find that inappropriate.


like not moving is childish, i saw someone post it on another thread “thank you, not moving”

No. Simple as that. No thesis needed.

agree is not an offensive call sign, but defiantly childish! I fly using an airline call sign or sometime using G-ERTI (Cabin Pressure anyone?)

Hahaha, get up there sunshine! I cant believe no one has found my callsign yet, been waiting for a call out on it!!