Is his callsign considered "inappropriate"?

About 5 minutes ago when I was on final runway 25R at KLAX I heard over tower frequency this callsign and I don’t think this callsign should be allowed

Yes, you’re correct.
If he had been on the advanced server He would have been ghosted instantly for 60 mins

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Oh ok but still he shouldn’t have used that call sign because of what happend since its a serious matter

Ask him, Not me :)

Yeah I would but I don’t know who that “him” is

I was on the same server today, and actually same time as you. I saw him and a few others on…

Look at the second screenshot

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@divebuddha @Captain_DJ I tries searching his name and nothing comes up

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Keep an eye out for him and take more screenshots!

Ok I’ll try will you help me?

I’m always on the ATC Playground. Just look for the GREEN Name - Captain DJ and any airline callsign.

Ok I don’t get what you mean by green name

His name is coloured green (100% standing)

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I know a user in this community who uses that exact callsign, but in this case it wasn’t him.

I would report that user if I was there.

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The other day I was controller for someone with a similar name. I couldn’t report him or do anything because I was on the playground though…

Yeah. It was worded ‘Malaysian 370 super’ so it was probably someone else though…

I think he is talking about “MH370”(Mike Hotel three hundred seventy)

I Just Relised that Callsigns like “Malaysian 370” or “Malaysian 17” or Something like that is innaproriate. I should use another callsign then 😉. Even Sometimes I always see 2/3 Players using that Callsign