Is hiding Airspace on map is a solution to avoid app crashes? (apparently works, hotfix is coming)

Hello guys! Due to amount of data that need to be downloaded/rendered on the map, does hiding some layers on map such as Airspace are reducing the chance of experiencing app crashes? I have an old iPhone 6 for running IF (my main iPhone 6S+ is dedicated as my normal phone) and I couldn’t do a full flight once since the update.

Thanks for your help

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It might, try it and find out!

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Also if your experiencing app crashes it’s because the servers are packed right now. I’ve notice the servers were starting to cool down a bit today. But a lot of people are experiencing this. Also try lower your graphic settings if you haven’t done so already.


Glad the servers are cooling down!
remember when the exact same thing happen when global came out


I hide airspace when I fly but my app crashed half an hour ago. Was on route from Paris to Toronto and 200nm before reaching destinstion the app crashed. It is still happening!! I use a fairly new Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with a lot of ram. It runs the app smoothly so the app should not crash. When will they finally solve this issue??


This is not an issue related to device metrics. It’s an app issue.
The hotfix for most of the issues 20.1 is causing will if all goes well, start rolling out very soon!


And this is Not true in 9/10 cases. So please stop saying this.


Thanks for the answer! Nice to hear :)

Adding on to what Seb said, in this case, hiding airspace could help as that’s where one of the in-flight crashes originates from. This will be fixed in the hotfix, though


All my graphics settings are down at low and I’m experiencing lag once I’ve either filed a flight plan or filing a flight plan.

Thanks for the reply. I’ts only frustrating that you never now if you will reach the destination. Especially on a long haul. Keep up the good work cause I love IF and thanks for al the efford.

Since i don’t display it anymore, I don’t experience crash, and I am about to finish the 3rd flight of the day, with cockpit view on scenery all flight long and no lag. So… i think this alternative could work while the hot fix is still on the road.

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That’s awesome to hear! We’re rolling out the hotfix on Android already and iOS is coming once it’s approved by Apple, so hopefully not too much longer to wait


Wondering what are some other crash conditions? Interestingly I haven’t crashed yet (except when testing if an older device can run IF still, didn’t work well)

That’s awesome!

I personally haven’t had any crashes, but it’s good to know that the risk is being greatly reduced.

On a side note, do you think it’s worth turning off airspaces if I haven’t experienced crashes?

By the way, I didn’t try to fly since the day of the 20.1 release so maybe the servers are less loaded than the release time. But like Seb said, the issue was not because of the server load…

Thanks for all your work, I really enjoy this update.

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