Is he doing it intentionally?

As am about to land at Changi I happen to spot AFKLM181, I guess it’s @Lucca_UK drawing what looks like an Aloe flower. Firstly thought, wow what a way to celebrate the new scenery in Singapore but again probably just a way point that is too close to another causing him to go in circles. Whichever it is it still looks awesome. I know lots of pilots like to create something of their choice in the air from time to time. Just thought it was worth sharing.


No, his waypoint is too close each other and causing the aircraft to miss the waypoint making the loops.


He probably fell asleep and then what @Gabe_Z said is happening… And there’s really no need to make a thread about a pilot who is sleeping or away from their device:)


But he didn’t know he was sleeping.

A pilot in a VA wouldn’t intentionally sit there for quite a few hours i saw him there 2 hours ago. That only happens to a VA pilot when they’re sleeping:) But maybe the OP didn’t but now he does

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Thanks everyone I think he is really sleeping, I just saw on my radar. Mods can close the topic now. Thank you.

Also, yes I put 2 way points too close together, as an attempt to create the ‘way point flower’

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Hello, it’s me, yes it was my first attempt at drawing something in the air, so I thought I would try a flower, for the new Asia scenery, thank you for recognising me!


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