Is he being serious? Idk just curious

Sorry I was approaching VIDP after 1hr flight and… …there’s no one in approach so i tuned to VIDP tower to request inbound landing any runway and he didn’t told me what pattern should i do and he told me to enter left downwind of runway 10 and he changed his mind so he wants me to enter right downwind of runway 10. After that he ghosted me he didn’t have any patience he didn’t wait and he wasn’t helping at all he knows that there’s no Active approach he didn’t just think of me having a difficult time in the air to understand what he wants me to do. I would be glad if he’s here to comment my post and explain his perspective why he ghosted me. Did you got bored or something? Did you ghost me for fun so i lose my grade? Yeah grade 4 to grade 2 I bet you’re happy it’s your first report for today. I would be happy if mods can help me to understand what is going on thank you.


You should the controller themselves, or @reports. They will look into your case.

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Contact the controller on the forum. Your controller was @Alexandre . By the way, this is the wrong category to post this.

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contact @Alexandre

By the way, @reports has turned into @appeals


Hello. It has been said and re said. Contact controller in dm if you want to discuss on it.