Is Global Really That Important?

That is a very, very good point.

Great! I could not have said it better. I am completely on your side.

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Yes, Global is very important!

Doubt it will kill IF.

If anything it will help and bring a previously unknown level of enthusiasm with it. It’s simply the next natural progression to not be restricted to microSD card sized regions.

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even i wonder sometimes about being to fly global…i just didnt expect c130 to come n thought all attention would be towards global but tjink theres time…global will just be very awsome n big achivemnt for FDS but on the other side there will be some compromises and challenges for both fds n users…anywhay im just waiting for it

Wrong. ATC doesn’t want to control where there aren’t any planes. Pilots don’t want to fly where there isn’t ATC. They will still congregate together.


This is very true. ATC will be managed to provide pockets of controlled air traffic. It just means they can use different areas for this like Russia or Dubai! Most of the world will be quiet but there will be pockets of relevance. Seek a secluded sector in arctic airspace or flock to the throngs of IF ATC!!


IF it’s a Flight Simulator, not a building simulator, so Global is more important than 3D buildings, of course they are amazing but Global more! :)


This is what I’m saying, Global is interesting, but I would definitely take new planes, UI changes, texture updates, weather updates and some other improvements over global. I’m fine with the regions we have now since I never fly over 50 min to an hour.

I will be surprised if many people will be doing 6 hr transatlantic hops. I intend to be flying a lot more intresting short haul 1-2 maybe occasionally 3 hrs flights, but likely shorter ones. I wil be intrested in flying in and out of different airports such as Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Hamburg, Newquay etc etc.

IF is about having a realistic flight sim that fits on your lap and you can take anywhere.


Lel, that’s a long time. I usually do 30 min of pattern work

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yep, we all have different goals in IF!


We aren’t all like you.

There will be a place for those like you though in Global. You can keep on doing your 30-60 min short hops as much as you please while others get to enjoy their experience further by not being bound by 4 invisible walls! 🙂

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Good thing lel

It is, its going to allow us to fly anywhere

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What’s the point of having the ability to fly anywhere if a lot of our models are still not animated or have low-quality textures and flight physics. All I’m saying is that the logical step would be to get all the planes redone, have the physics tweaked, and make sure the planes behave how they’re supposed to before we start expanding horizons.


I doubt it will kill IF, but the ATC issue is important. I hope the developers have thought out how this is going to work.

Yes, and here is a screenshot of the new and very buggy Aerofly FS2 flight director completely ignoring my request for 280 knots and my A320 making Mach 1.3 (550 kts IAS) while on ROUTE mode. Looks like they have some work to do:

Must be that new A320neo with the 175,000 lbs thrust per engine.

What are you on apple or android

Apple iPhone 6S (64 GB) running iOS 10.1.1.