Is Global Really That Important?

Well I dont know but with LNAV confirmed you could leave your ipad and watch netflix or something or do homework although i think i will mainly do like 2-3 hour flighs


I’ll be doing mostly domestic with some long haul and unusual destinations.


There are so many ways FDS can grow IF. So many directions. They could go towards focusing on improving terrain, towards focusing on improving weather, towards adding more realism to airports etc. But in the end, it comes down to timing of each one of these.

Right now the platform (mobile) hardware isn’t powerful enough to support a majority of these highly requested eye candy features. FDS has said that a lot of times. The movie Avatar took 14 years to make. In 1997 (if I’m not wrong), they said they didnt have the technology available to make the movie then.

So FDS might have a lot of things on their list, since they can’t work on some things now because of hardware limitations, they can work on other things aka Global.


Hey Larry,

I don’t think you’re being provocative; it’s a great question that invites different perspectives.

Personally I like the option of operating out of my home airfields KCKV and KBNA and flying realistic hops to Atlanta, Dallas, things of that nature.

Part of the enjoyment for me is flying in places that I relate to personally. Since I have family in SoCal, I like flying out of Burbank, Ontario, Van Nuys, and Riverside because it makes me think of them. :)

Global will offer me choices, which is great. I doubt I’ll be flying a 777 from Newark to Mumbai, unless I’m laid up sick at home in bed with doctor’s orders. :)


I guess all of that would be nice. But id still choose global because JNB or CPT or even HKG isn’t in infinite flight and i would really like the fly out of there. I just think this would be a new opportunity for infinite flight and i can back this.

Yes, very important. Look at all the work our editors have done.

Narita Japan as shown taken from XPlane

Without the editing group run by Cameron a lot of the ,
Major airports would look like this. Now you can see from my plot all of the great airports you will be able to fly to ONLY in IF!


There is a serious problem with it. The problem is fds has committed to it and now feels like they must deliver. So it will come, unfortunately everything else has to be on hold until then.

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It will come and it will be great. Then people will get bored. It is not easy to please all of the people all of the time. Perhaps the ‘secret’ plane will be released soon to keep us entertained until deliverance prevails!


I hate it when people think that people will only use global for long hauls. I’m not going to do any flights more than three hours. At this point, i think global should be FDS’s number 1 priority.


Is this post really that important? ;)


I must admit, I do agree with you.

Think ATC is sparse now? Wait til global comes out. It’s going to kill IF in my opinion. If people want a full global sim, they would get it on PC. The entire reason I fly IF is for the multiplayer/atc aspect, and the ability to do both from laying on the couch. I definitely won’t be flying cross country, but I know there definitely won’t be enough atc to make the game interactive and fun.

If anything, I’d rather see connected regions with airport terminals than to fly over an ocean for 6 hours, or fly over the US on unicom the whole time.


That is a very, very good point.

Great! I could not have said it better. I am completely on your side.

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Yes, Global is very important!

Doubt it will kill IF.

If anything it will help and bring a previously unknown level of enthusiasm with it. It’s simply the next natural progression to not be restricted to microSD card sized regions.

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even i wonder sometimes about being to fly global…i just didnt expect c130 to come n thought all attention would be towards global but tjink theres time…global will just be very awsome n big achivemnt for FDS but on the other side there will be some compromises and challenges for both fds n users…anywhay im just waiting for it

Wrong. ATC doesn’t want to control where there aren’t any planes. Pilots don’t want to fly where there isn’t ATC. They will still congregate together.


This is very true. ATC will be managed to provide pockets of controlled air traffic. It just means they can use different areas for this like Russia or Dubai! Most of the world will be quiet but there will be pockets of relevance. Seek a secluded sector in arctic airspace or flock to the throngs of IF ATC!!


IF it’s a Flight Simulator, not a building simulator, so Global is more important than 3D buildings, of course they are amazing but Global more! :)