Is Global Really That Important?

I want to be intentionally provocative here but I’m wondering is this hype for global really justified?

I know is already under development and don’t make me wrong, of course it will be awesome being able to fly from/to any airport in the world but do you guys plan to stick with IF for more than 5 to 12 hours to do long haul flights?

I mean wouldn’t be much cooler to have improved things like terrain textures, airport buildings, proper lights of the airports and cities to have a nice night flight and so on, of course considering hardware limit?

I’m curious to know what you guys think :)


We will probably get some of that in global

Nobody said all flights have to be 5-12 hours. Global will be amazing because you can fly anywhere you like. All the other stuff would be cool as well but are very hard to put in a mobile flight sim especially when many users have old devices.


I agree I won’t be able to sit in front of my iPad for more than 4 hours but there not much point updating the textures if there’s still only limited places to fly. I rather global first.


I don’t think many people will do that… but what I’m looking forward to is the ability to go from Atlanta to Dallas and shorter trips like that. But climbing to 350 or high, putting it in auto pilot and making a trip across the pond isn’t to far fetched


What I’m more excited about is being able to fly from any airport in the world, and to be able to do slightly longer flights than we can now. It isn’t just about long hauls.


I want global for the ability to control at EGNS and Fly from EGNS to EGCC, EGBB,EGLC and many more

Basically I really want to fly from EGNS in IF

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Same for me I want to be able to go out of EGGD or EGFF on global.

When Global comes, F/D will be of the upmost importance. Aerofly 2 just added F/D and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Yes it’s justified.

Some of us would prefer not being confined to a postage stamp (And ONLY that postage stamp per session)


What is F/D?


Yes for people that have the hardware like me

Well I’m excited for Global Flight since I can do flights that I made IRL. And I would like to do flights from Panama, that’s the main reason why I joined the airport editing team.


Aka a potato jk if u want to be specific here it is

2 core i7 2.50 'but it clocks around 3.06-9
16gb ddr3
That’s all to know

I’m really just excited to be able to fly realistic routes with the aircraft in the game. For example, KMSP-KFLL in an A320.


I think global flight will be awesome because it will allow added realism to the operation of VAs, as then some transcontinental airlines like Virgin Atlantic, who do not operate any domestic routes (that I am aware of) will be able to have realistic VAs in the game. Also, I will be able to fly routes that i have flown irl, like EGLL-KJFK and EGLL-KSFO, stuff like that


I wasn’t making an hardware point here, also because I see it from a mobile device point of view and I doubt you have all of that into a mobile…but hey, what can I say, enjoy your hardware my friend ;)


Global isn’t only important for us, but is a great achievement for FDS. Think about it, with new textures how are they supposed to charge the existing players? plus if they get out new textures, for the sake of explaining this lets say they get 500 new customers (random number). Those 500 new customers will buy the game and let’s say the majority will get live. Sounds good, lots of income. Although now look at global: they can charge existing players, 2000 new customers (random number again) majority will buy live. Sounds like global is a much more beneficial project for FDS and is also preferred by the audience.

If they make these textures AFTER the global update, they will probably get 2x the customers they would have gotten before, since more people will be paying and playing because of the previous update, global.


I guess its important since the regions are too small anyway, especially since most people fly jets and that limits what you can do even more. GA flying is ok at the moment despite the total lack of planes available/updated planes but like I said most people are flying commercial jets anyway so Global kinda just has to happen.


What’s F/D