Is GLOBAL not as sensitive to touch screens?

Hello! What device and OS are you using?

Touch sensitivity isn’t really a thing on modern touchscreens, unless we’re talking features such as 3D touch on iPhone and similar.


This is happening to me too. I could barely pick a gate to spawn at.

Device Info

Device: LG Stylo 2 Plus
OS Version: Android 7.0


Oddly enough I run into the same problem occasionally. But it usually goes away after I take off.

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Rarely it goes away when I takeoff but it’s not so big of a problem then.


It’s likely a performance issue on Android devices.


I hear this issue from quite a number of people now, all with relatively ‘old’ devices, which typically have 1 or 2GB memory. The people I heard from all had Apple devices. My iPad mini 2 has the same (2GB memory); I can only just fly, allthough landings hard sluggisch, but controlling is impossible. Its just too slow.

New hardware is on its way, will let this thread know if that made a difference, or not.

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Same. I am on Android with a Galaxy J7 (S, I can’t remember).

I often have to click HDG etc multiple times.

It’s also particularly noticeable when doing ATC.

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It is a performance issue; We think it is caused by the background map you see in the main menu. Since there are a lot of ppl playing we now display a tons of dots; the fix that is being pushed should improve things slightly.

We will continue to work on stability and performance improvements over the next few weeks, thank you for your patience and support.


I find that when using an aircraft exterior view it is better to have the “limit frame rate” button on in settings as the camera moves around more freely, if that helps at all.


I’m on a Redmi Note 4X and android 6.0.1, 3Gb/32GB

And thanks @Insertusernamehere as well



I understand a hotfix was released recently. If it’s any help, I notice that everything seems to work fine (i.e. can scroll up/down the window without hassle) when selecting the airline/airline number, and the airplane type. All other windows are pretty laggy!


I’m on an LG G4 and experiencing the same problem. I have 4gb of RAM and (I think) a hexacore processor. I’m surprised I’m getting this issue even with the phone I’m using. The touch issue occurs for me even inflight and can be extremely difficult to control.

I actually have been having a similar issue. When going through various menus during a flight the left edge of my screen doesn’t seem to pick up my touches as easily. I have an iPhone 7 running version 10.2.1.

Having same issue on IPhone 7 in ATC mode. iOS 10.3.3.
I normally use my iPad Pro 9,7. iOS 11.03. No issues.

Will delete and reinstall IF, update to iOS 11 and report back later.

I have this problem when turning on the brakes when I land. I think I have my brakes on and when I turn onto the taxiway, I end up in the grass.

I have a good intuition about what is causing this issue. We will investigate further tomorrow and hopefully have a fix soon.


Got the same problem, specially during takeoff.
Xiaomi Mi5C 3GB RAM

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Dido ZTE Z-Max Pro 2gb ram

Great, thanks, looking forward to it