Is Global Free with Live+

If you got live+ will you get all Global Free or will you have to buy Global separately? Will you he Global free if you have normal Live to? It’s probley a stupid question but I’m sorry.

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No it isn’t, would you work for free? Im sure i wouldn’t 🙂, And also there is no pricing model yet. So be patient and wait and see.


No, Global won’t be free if you buy Live+. They’ll say what will happen when it comes out, it will cost more and you have to pay the difference.

Unfortunately, Global won’t be free if you buy Live+ before it releases. Though it’s still worth it to buy Live+ and once Global comes out, all you have to do is pay the difference :). It’s better than not subscribing and waiting for Global to come out :)

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P.S, if you would like to learn about Global, here is the link to the actual FAQ:


The Satellite Imagery they use costs money so they need to receive that money from somewhere… Also, I don’t even want to go into how many hours the Devs have put into this major project…


@Cpt_Chris normally people are polite. Smiley emojis don’t make it ok.

Hey I hate you! 🙂

We think that global will just be an extended price of Live+ but no one is sure just yet.


I know but it said all regions and Aircraft free and I was just wondering.

No Global won’t be free. This has been asked throughout many previous topics, and they said as mentioned above by @Cpt_Chris that they said it will be paid but haven’t set or organised a pricing model yet. My best guess would be that they would release certain regions for free, for Live+ members, such as countries but you won’t be able to fly out of that country. For example you would be able to fly anywhere within Australia, but you wouldn’t be able to fly out of it to New Zealand for example if you haven’t bought global.


That’s with Live+

Live and Live+ are different from one another

Live ($4.99/month)
-Able to earn XP and enter Casual, Training Server, or Expert
-use existing planes already purchased or bought (planes you have not purchased are locked)
-Online Multiplayer for a month
Live+ ($49.99/year)
-Unlocks All Regions and Planes (though goes back to locked once Live+ Expires)
-Able to earn XP and enter Casual, Training Server, And Expert
-Online Multiplayer for one year


If FDS has taken their time and effort for two years, it will definetly not be free.


Ok guys, im sure he got it the first time :).


I thought it wasn’t confirmed?

Lol, that actually seems nice

But seriously what a bad comment 🙂

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